RECORTEC, INC. is a USA manufacturer of rack mountable LCD monitors, KVMs, Keyboards, Speakers, Computers and VESA mount products for use with EIA equipment racks. We are able to customize our standard products to meet specific application requirements. Click on any image below for additional information.
Rack Mount KVM Consoles
Rack Mount LCD Monitors
rackmount KVM
1U and 2U high consoles with 17" and 19" LCD monitors with many keyboard and pointing device choices.
rackmount LCD Monitors
10.4" through 23" LCD monitors. Mount in 1U to 8U of vertical rack space. Video input and touchscreen options available on some models.
Rack Mount Keyboards
Rack Mount Speakers
rackmount keyboard
1U keyboards with a varitey of keyboard configuration choices.
rackmount speaker
1U and 2U amplified stereo rack mount speakers.
VESA Monitor Mounts
Rack Mount Utility Shelves

Rack Mounting for VESA Mount monitors.
rackmount computer
1U utility shelves provide many convenient storage options.
Rack Mount Computers

2U Computer

Single/Dual 1U Computer

Keyboards with Integrated Computers