RECORTEC was founded in 1969 as a manufacturer of magnetic tape handling equipment used in the audio and video broadcast industry.  Our signature product was an innovative tape cleaning machine with a vacuum chamber that relieved tension on the tape reel as well as removed debris.  In addition to tape cleaners, RECORTEC manufactured tape evaluators, cassette tape duplicators, and digital tape duplicators.  Our products were sold worldwide to television stations and recording studios, as well as data centers, and established RECORTEC as a leader in our field.

In 1980, through a subsidiary called PERSONAL MICRO COMPUTER (PMC), we introduced the PMC-80, a personal computer compatible with the popular TRS-80 computer model sold by Radio Shack.  In 1983, we designed and developed the PMC MicroMate, a portable CP/M computer encased in a floppy drive enclosure.

RECORTEC began designing and manufacturing rackmount computer products in 1985 and continues to provide customers with high quality products, excellent before and after sales service, in addition to fast product delivery. We maintain a large stock of standard products to assure we have what you need when you need it. Many of our customers work with us on a just in time delivery schedule which helps minimize your inventory and product planning requirements. We offer a full line of products including rackmount LCD monitors, rackmount keyboards, rackmount speakers, VESA mounts and rackmount computers. We have the ability to customize our standard rackmount products to meet your specific requirements.

All RECORTEC rack mount products manufactured in the USA.