1U Computer Plus Keyboard
We have installed a computer in some of our popular 1U keyboard models resulting in a small, easy to integrate, complete computer system…just add a monitor (VGA or HDMI). The main computer I/O ports are easily accessible from the front of the unit. There is storage room behind the keyboard for external Optical and/or Hard Drive attachment. 2 depths are available (16″ or 20″) to fit into small or confined rack spaces. A detachable cable management arm is included which adds 2.75″ to the overall depth.
** Inquire for current configuration **
16″ Deep Models (1.75″H x 19.0″W x 16.0″D)
20″ Deep Models (1.75″H x 19.0″W x 20.0″D)

Available with Trackball or Touchpad

Available with Mouse, Trackball or Touchpad

Features common to all models

Power Switch

DVD and/or Hard Drive Storage

Computer I/O

Rear USB Connections